Surprise, Fallout Worlds update for Fallout 76 isn’t delayed after all, it’s out now

It turns out that the Fallout 76 Season 6 big update is not being delayed as previously announced. In fact, it’s available today and comes with the Fallout Worlds update which allows you to heavily customize your own private server. Check out the new trailer above.

Fallout 1st subscribers previously had access to private servers, but Fallout Worlds will now allow these players to customize many aspects of their world. “Public Worlds” are custom servers available to all Fallout 76 players that change monthly.

In private servers, players can change everything from combat rules to CAMP restrictions (like the need for electricity), camp locations, camp height restrictions, weather, visual effects, creature spawns. , unlimited ammo, PvP rules and even gravity. The only thing worse than a Deathclaw is a flying Deathclaw.

Public worlds are servers organized and created by Bethesda itself. It looks like this will be a taste test for players who aren’t Fallout 1st subscribers. Each public world, which will alternate between availability and availability, will only have a certain number of customization options enabled. So you could have a public world that only shows the low gravity effect on gameplay, while another week you could have a public world where you never run out of ammo. Bring your fat man.

The first five public worlds include a non-PvP mode with reduced camp and building restrictions, a “high risk” mode without fast travel and still in PvP, and a “quantum world” with low gravity and a giant nuclear storm. . Another called Butcher’s Delight will have infinite ammo, “improved dismemberment” and other violent delights, but that unfortunately won’t happen for several months.

Players will need to create a new character or clone and import their existing character from Adventure Mode to the public and private worlds, and the progression will remain separate.

Bethesda says it made the decision to release the Season 6 update today after spending more time investigating bugs that were affecting purchased leaderboards. Bethesda now says the issue should not affect Season 5 rewards, but Ranking purchases will be disabled at the start of Season 6 until a fix can be released. Season 6 leaderboards and rewards can still be claimed through some good old-school in-game challenges. To make up for the confusion, Bethesda adds that it will be launching double XP and double SCORE challenge events this weekend.

Meanwhile, the new theme for Fallout 76: Season 6 is “The Unstoppable vs. The Evil”. Imagine the Justice League, but with older costumes and a lot more influence. We saw the trailer a few days ago, which shows new allies and scenarios to pursue. This comes with a new scoreboard to rank up and earn new rewards.

Bethesda has also expanded the events of Fallout 76’s daily operations with a new pool of enemies, new locations, and new rewards. The game’s Nuclear Winter mode has also been disabled, meaning that perk coins have been added to player accounts and cosmetics can now be earned at public events.

You can read the full Bethesda patch notes here, which goes into great detail regarding bug fixes and the like.

If you want to try your hand at making an even more spirited post-apocalypse in Fallout 76, subscribe to Fallout 1st will cost you $ 13 per month or $ 99 for a year. Besides the private server functionality, it also gives you unlimited craft storage, free in-game currency, unique cosmetics, and other bonuses.