The Damariscotta Inn will host a conference on July 24 on relationships and retirement


DAMARISCOTTA — Relationships and retirement will be the focus of Inn Along the Way’s tough conversation circle, scheduled for 3 p.m. Sunday, July 24 at the Chapman Farm, 741 Main Street.

According to a press release from the hostel, retirement is not a number, a year of service or dollars saved: not an age, you can retire anytime; and not an event, it is the beginning of a new phase in his life. There used to be a singular notion of retirement: step away from your career one day and start a life of leisure the next.

During the interactive discussion, moderated by Dr. Carolyn Lukensmeyer, panelists will be invited to share stories from their retirement or beyond the interactive puzzle pieces:

• Bonnie Gerrard — the changes retirement brings to married or partnered couples;
• Chris Hall — returning to Maine for the third chapter after multiple career changes, semi-retirement options and partner negotiations;
• James O’Farrell — returning to work after retirement; and
• Dr. Jody Telfair — reasons to continue working later in life.

Participants can discover how each phase of their so-called retirement journey has its own decision-making processes and challenges. These new chapters in a person’s life may include issues relating to: child marriage, birth of grandchildren; financial obligations and return to work; health, disease and death.

Retirement can also provide opportunities for travel, recreation, volunteerism, community service, and education. Retirement is a way of life, a state of mind, a process – for some a goal, for some an illusion, for others a vision, a pathway to the next chapter of their life while another piece of the puzzle falls into place.

Current Maine CDC guidelines and protocols will be followed. For everyone’s safety, unvaccinated participants will be asked to wear a mask.

The theme for the second AIF Summer Conversation Circle, scheduled for 3 p.m. on Sunday, August 28, will be Changing Relationships.

For more information, contact Sherry Flint at 207-751-6261 or [email protected].

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