The World Trade Center replaces its access cards with a virtual employee badge in Apple Wallet


Following the integration of ID cards and driver’s licenses into Apple Wallet, it looks like the next thing to be found in Apple Wallet will be work authorization cards.

Guests and employees visiting 7 World Trade Center will now be able to use an employee badge stored in their Apple Wallet app to access the building and all of its amenities (via 9to5Mac). It was announcement by Silverstein Properties, the company that owns the mall.

With their virtual badges, employees and customers will be able to use office buildings, tenant floors, fitness centers and convenience spaces only using their iPhone or Apple Watch.

According to Silverstein Properties, integrating employee badges into Apple Wallet will bring:

  • Seamless Setup: Employees and tenants will not wait to receive physical authorization cards. Instead, they can add their employee badge directly to their Apple Wallet after an initial setup through Silverstein’s Inspire app. After that, they will have access to the areas inside the building.
  • Unlock doors more easily: After adding the badge to Apple Wallet, users simply hold their iPhone or Apple Watch near the door lock to unlock the door. If express mode is enabled, users won’t even need to unlock their devices to use their badge. Additionally, the feature can be used in Power Reserve mode, so tenants can access areas even when their iPhone battery is low.
  • More security and privacy: Since the employee badge is saved on the tenant’s personal devices rather than on a cloud server, permission to access the building is also protected by the privacy and security features built into Apple devices. Additionally, if a renter loses their iPhone or Apple Watch, they can use the Find My app to locate and block their device.
  • Simplified office space management: Through the use of virtual badges, Silverstein can control who and at what time has access to different parts of the building. In his statement, Silverstein gave an example of how a company could rent an office suite on Monday and Tuesday, and then another company could use the same office suite Wednesday through Friday.

The new virtual employee badge will first be implemented at 7 World Trade Center and then the new technology will be rolled out to other Silverstein offices in New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.


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