‘Trackmania’ will host its own esports tournament in Paris this summer


Trackmania is the biggest and most thrilling remake of the legendary racing game, TrackMania Nations. Trackmania combines easy to learn but hard to master gameplay with a wide variety of tracks, regular seasons, live events and customization options.

Royal Mode is an exhilarating and fun new 60-player game mode where players can team up with two friends to take on other teams in a pool of 20 random challenging maps, including a new map each day. In Royal Mode, players must channel their wacky nature to overcome courses filled with bustling obstacles and wild bodies of water leading to treacherous twists.

From 20 teams, four teams are eliminated each round until a champion team emerges. Each game will last a maximum of 15 minutes spread over the five rounds for the best teams.

Ubisoft has announced the Trackmania Games, a multi-format event featuring various racing disciplines.

Open to participants from around the world, the competition will be held in Paris, France in the summer of 2024. Alongside competitive gaming enthusiasts from the international community, the event will bring together highly skilled professional gamers as well as our most talented players. creative, which promises an action-packed and thrilling show to enjoy, whether in public or online.

The Trackmania Games will be faithful to the core values ​​of Trackmania Esports, with competitions accessible to all players, whether amateurs or pros, with shows that are easy to understand and enjoyable for the community at large, promoting a peaceful atmosphere.

In 2023, the Trackmania Grand League will evolve to pave the way for Trackmania Games 2024. Details of the program and content will be defined in the coming months, in collaboration with our Trackmania communities around the world, event organizers and broadcasters, as well as brands and institutions.

The new Royal mode will allow players to engage in a daily competitive feature called Super Royal, where players will have the opportunity to race against the best players and become the champion of the Super Royal team.

Players can also generate their own party royale code to create a private server, where they can continue the fun with their friends and communities in custom matches.

This new upgrade also includes new physics and mapping innovations, such as water blocks and plastic blocks, as well as animated and dynamic elements, providing more opportunities to build and enjoy incredible tracks .

A brand new Ranked Matchmaking mode is also offered, where players can form teams of three and compete against a group of competitors to climb the ranks of the game.

Currently available on PC (Epic Games Store/Ubisoft Store), Trackmania is an Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna in 2023

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