Variety Streaming Room will host an end-of-year review about Discovery+


Streaming industry leaders Mark Niemiec, senior vice president of sales at Salesforce, and Michael Bishara, senior group vice president and general manager of direct-to-consumer sales at Discovery, Inc., will join Variety Television writer Mónica Zorrilla for a conversation in the Variety Streaming room on March 2.

Discovery+ is one of the newest entries into the ultra-competitive streaming market. During their conversation, Bishara will touch on the streamer’s strategy for catching the attention of new audiences. Niemiec will discuss how integrating Salesforce technology into Discovery+ has changed the game for its advertising and subscriber acquisition operations.

The duo will discuss how their collaboration enables them to find new and inventive ways to improve and grow their businesses.

“Media companies face fierce competition for consumer attention. Being able to design and deliver personalized experiences is key to differentiating one streaming service from another, and essential for sustainable growth. Personalization starts with maintaining a holistic view of the consumer,” Niemiec noted.

The two will talk about how the decisions they make are always geared towards improving the audience experience.

During this conversation, they’ll explore what the process of launching a new streaming service was like and all the lessons their companies learned to maintain the continued success of Discovery+.

The two giants will explore how their relationship works, discuss which services Salesforce is focused on, and how they see the future of not just their businesses, but the streaming industry as a whole.

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