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We are very grateful to the community of enthusiastic users who have dedicated time and effort to creating video solutions for our labs. If you would like to submit your own videos to be featured on Web Security Academy, the following guidelines should help you get started.

How do I submit a video solution for the Web Security Academy?

To submit a video solution for the Web Security Academy:

  1. Read our requirements carefully and save your video.

  2. Upload the video to YouTube and make sure it is publicly available.

  3. Contact our customer support team at [email protected].

  4. Our team will review the video to ensure it meets our requirements. If so, we’ll add it to a backlog of videos we plan to embed.

To note

We add new videos to the site in batches, usually about once a month. Please avoid sending repeated messages asking why your video has not yet been added. We are a very small team and cannot always process videos as quickly as we would like.

What are the requirements for new video solutions?

Your video must:

  • Be specific, clear, and explain how to solve the lab. Ideally, this should help other users understand why they need to perform certain steps, rather than just showing them what to do.

  • Show how to solve a single lab. This makes it much easier for us to integrate into the individual lab pages.

  • Be uploaded to YouTube and publicly available. We do not host any videos ourselves and do not support embedding videos from other platforms.

Your video must not:

  • Contain any sponsored post or other form of paid promotion. We will accept videos containing advertisements generated by YouTube, but please avoid advertising products and services in the main video content.

  • Contains background music.

  • Be excessively long. In general, we don’t expect videos to be longer than around 15 minutes, although we can make exceptions if necessary.

Which labs should I register solutions for?

We accept video solutions for all of our labs. Ideally, try to create videos for labs that don’t already have one. Although we support multiple video solutions for the same lab, our goal is to have at least one video for each lab if possible.

Do you want to ask me to make videos?

We are not currently considering asking users to create videos for us. The Web Security Academy is a free resource that we provide with the aim of helping users develop their knowledge and skills. All community solutions videos were independently created by users for their own YouTube channels – we simply link them from the lab solutions pages, with their permission of course.


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