Warrior Rising will hold a commercial shower in San Antonio, Texas


The San Antonio Business Shower will mark Warrior Rising having helped fund over 100 veteran-owned businesses

SAN ANTONIO, July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Warrior Rising, the nation’s premier veteran entrepreneurship nonprofit, will host its 5th annual Veteran Business Shower™ in September. Having helped create and fund over 100 veteran-owned businesses, Warrior Rising has established itself as the premier bridging organization for aspiring veteran entrepreneurs. The shower is hosted at the Grunt Style headquarters, located at San Antonio, TX. Grunt Style was founded by an army veteran who developed the brand to be worth more than $100 million selling not just clothes, but a lifestyle. Together, these partners will host a two-day seminar for 16 seasoned entrepreneurs over the weekend of September 11tha date of obvious significance to active duty military personnel and veterans alike.

The seminar will focus on key learnings from industry experts and successful entrepreneurs. Entrants will receive a custom costume, a new laptop, website development and SEO optimization, head shots, and the opportunity to showcase their brands in a “shark tank” style pitch contest where they will be eligible until $20,000 in charitable donations.

Jason VanCampFounder and Executive Director, said, “The Warrior Rising Business Shower is our signature event. Similar to a bridal shower or baby shower, the Warrior Rising Business Shower was created to give veterans everything they could possibly need. to succeed in business. We provide veteran entrepreneurs with the education, coaching, mentorship, equipment, tools, network and funding to become a multi-million dollar business. It is an honor and a privilege to be invited to a company shower, but we don’t invite just anyone – veterans earn the right to attend our company showers through hard work and determination.”

Warrior Rising will also host a fundraising gala the same weekend at the historic Tobin Center for the Performing Arts downtown. San Antonio. The Tobin Center is located next to the San Antonio River Walk and is named after Robert LB Tobin, one of the city’s most prominent residents. The master of ceremonies for the event will be Nick Palmiscianofilm producer and co-writer of New York Times Bestseller, Scars and scratches. Special guests will also include a guest speaker Rob O’Neillone of the Navy SEALs present for bin Laden’s historic raid.

Nick Palmisciano underline, “As a young entrepreneur fresh out of the military, I made mistakes that cost me millions of dollars…all unnecessarily. When you’re just starting out, it’s easy to feel pressured to solve the problem on your own. In fact, the military breeds this mentality. While great for personal resilience, it’s terrible for running a successful business. Business is all about teamwork, and there is no better team than Warrior Rising. The training, mentorship and support that Warrior Rising provides to our country’s veterans is absolutely unmatched.. There is no organization that I have seen approach them. As such, they have my unlimited support.

With an ever-increasing impact on the veteran community, Warrior Rising’s upcoming Business Shower will serve as a further testament to their continued service to our nation’s most valuable asset, the American service member.

About Warrior Rising
Founded in 2015, Warrior Rising is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created by veterans, for veterans. The Warrior Rising team has one goal: to turn Veterans into Vetrepreneurs. We have achieved this by carefully selecting strategic business partners and leveraging an extensive network of young professionals and successful entrepreneurs from a wide variety of backgrounds. The organization hosts a strong team of professionals, business owners and experts in their fields.

Learn more at warriorrising.org

About Nick Palmisciano
Nick Palmisciano graduated from United States Military Academy at West Point as a member of the class of 98, then served six years as an infantry captain. After exchanging his fatigues for civilian clothes, he attended Duke University MBA program, then worked in areas of increasing responsibility at a Fortune 100 company. He then immersed himself in the world of entrepreneurship, where in 15 years he built several successful and unique businesses in a wide range of industries. His passion for sharing his trials and tribulations as an entrepreneur has led him to become a mentor to many aspiring business owners and transitioning veterans over the years.

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