Warzone players want classic Battlefield functionality to escape cheaters and trolls


Call of Duty: Warzone players want Raven Software to follow what EA and DICE are doing with Battlefield, allowing them to rent private servers and get away from hackers.

When Warzone first launched, cheats weren’t nearly as prevalent as they are now. Of course there would sometimes be wallhacks and aimbots, but most of the lobbies were problem free.

Fast forward to now and Call of Duty’s battle royale is in dire straits. Many players have abandoned it because of cheats, while others are just waiting for something else to come out so they can get off the ship as well.

Of course, not everyone wants to give up the game. A lot of gamers want Raven Software and Activision to clean things up, suggesting different ideas on how they could do that – ranging from an improved anti-cheat, more gaming. crossed on PC and console, and all the rest.


Despite Warzone’s popularity, pirates and cheaters continue to rampage in Verdansk.

Well, now some players have suggested that they could follow in Battlefield’s footsteps, giving players the option of renting their own servers.

It was brought up by Redditor MadDog_8762, noting that being able to run your own server would provide a solution to the game’s “biggest problem” as you could get rid of anyone who cheats or trolls.

It would add a LOT of variety, ”said the Warzone fan. “Providing a bit of a breather for dirty gamers and would improve the game overall, WHILE still providing developers with income through rental of servers. They also noted that running your own server could mean players come up with some interesting custom rule sets as well.

Allowing players to rent servers – would provide a solution to this CODWarzone game’s biggest problem

Others were quick to support the idea and suggested that the developers of Warzone take this into account and follow what Battlefield 4 is doing, where you can set ping limits to avoid lag as well.

“It would be cool as hell, and for streamers it could be a good setup to generate income for supporters etc. win-win all around,” said one fan. “I can already imagine the perfect server: ‘no ghost, no dead silence, no stopping power towers. “It would be heaven,” added another.

Sure, that would be up to Raven and Activision to implement and it would be a bit of a big business, but clearly fans would be digging in their pockets for their own servers.


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