‘Will you bear the difficulties?’


Ben Ephson openly expressed his support for the E-Levy

The commander of the Patriots and All Africa Footmen, Nana Otu Darko, host of CTV’s morning show, ‘DWABRE MU’ has slammed Ben Ephson, editor of the Daily Dispatch, for saying the Democratic National Congress supported the adoption of the controversial E-levy.

According to him, the editor of the newspaper should think of the hardship and suffering that Ghanaians will suffer if electronic direct debit is adopted.

On the Edika segment, Nana Otu Darko in her patriotic element was not happy with how Ben Ephson shared his opinion on the delays in passing the E-levy without thinking of the poor Ghanaian.

But instead suggesting that the opposition party should allow the e-tax to pass because it would make the current government unpopular and end up losing the 2024 election.

The host of CTV’s morning show Fire Brand thinks it’s politically unwise to say that.

According to him, Ben Ephson should rather think of the millions of people who are suffering and the dire hardships that the electronic levy will bring to Ghanaians for the next three years, because no politician or Ben Ephson will bear the suffering that the electronic levy will unleash on the poor. .

“You have not wondered that during this period until the elections are held, the difficulties and sufferings of Ghanaians will pass through who will bear them.

“Will you support it for the Ghanaians?

“You don’t even have a mobile money account,” he said

He also said that “rather it is the responsibility of these old people in this country to lead a crusade against electronic debit, that it is not necessary because we have already been bombarded and burdened with many unnecessary taxes”.

He also blames the government for breaking many of the promises he made, such as moving from taxation to production when he was elected to power.

“You don’t even care about Ghana.

“It should be normal for the old bigwigs in this country to crusade against E-levy because it’s reckless. We’ve been burdened with unnecessary taxes before, isn’t that the same government that said to Ghanaians when they were elected to power that they would shift from taxation to production, just like E-levy rice or banana plantation, isn’t that the same taxation,” he postulated.

Nana Otu Darko further encouraged Ghanaian youth to use all legitimate means to press their demands and hold the corrupt elders accountable for the mismanagement of the country.


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