xQc loses it after Rust game risk fails miserably on new Twitch Rivals server


Felix “xQc” Lengyel is in dire straits after having a tough start on the Rust Twitch Rivals 2 server. The juicer warlord has staked his scrap metal in a wheel of fortune and lost everything, including his mind.

The wheel appears in several places, but is most often found in the bandit camp. It allows players to test their odds in hopes of multiplying their scrap, which is a form of currency. It’s a compelling alternative to farming scrap, and speeds up profession of weapons, tools, and armor with luck.

xQc was seduced by this thought, but it definitely didn’t pay off.

Image via Facepunch Studios

After his first spin netted him 342 rejects, the French-Canadian star went against his own rules and spun again. “I forgot the second law of the game,” he said. “Always be careful of back-to-backs.”

And of course, he predicted his death. Fortune was not on his side and he went mad. “Shit! I broke the second rule of the game!” he yelled, banging on his desk.

“Man, I broke the second rule of the game.”

“Always watch out for back-to-backs!” he added. Commentators couldn’t help but laugh as the camera pulled away, leaving him to stare into the abyss.

xQc has won big and lost big when it comes to real-world gaming. However, the fact that he’s used to it doesn’t make it any less frustrating, even if it happens in the virtual world of Rust and not on its usual slots.

Rust Tic Rivals 2 kicked off on August 9 and will run until August 13. Other popular streamers are also involved, including Disguised Toast, TheGrefg, and more.


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